Batana Oil's Journey from Seed to Glow


Gives hair body, richness and with a great natural scent. I'm older with thinning hair with age. I really don't believe anything exists that really regrows hair in any meaningful way. The scalp, though can suffer abuse without intending by shampooing and not receiving hydration. I like the idea of any oil in the hair because it is absorbed so plumps the hair, giving fullness and natural gloss. It also can seal in moisture in the scalp. I do like this oil. Has an interesting but to me great natural scent. It doesn't take a lot. The lid allows you to dispense small drops directly on your scalp and then you massage the oil in the scalp and hair. Again, not expecting a full head of hair to sprout. But believe the nutrients and moisture sealing might slow hair loss and make the existing hair appear rich and healthier. Recommended. Amazon Vine Customer Review of Free Product