Natural Batana Oil Benefits for Hair Growth



Honduran Liquid Gold For Your Skin & Hair - RAW ACTIVES I decided to try this Batana Oil for Hair Growth, 100% Natural from Honduras, Hair Loss Treatment for Men & Women | Dr Sebi (Honduran Herbalist) | Hair & Skin Health, Pure Liquid Miracle Concentrate, 4.0oz on my skin first. Said to have healing and restorative properties that can fade scarring or stretch marks, I did a patch test and I did not have any adverse reactions. After doing a bit more research, turns out that that the ""Miskito"" people of Honduras extract this oil from the North American Palm Tree and have been doing so for many generations. The smell was delish for me - a mixture of warm, nutty over-tones with an under-tone of earthy coffee mixed with Shea butter. The consistency was not viscous (i.e., sticky like castor oil), rather it was more fluid and free-flowing as other lighter carrier oils (i.e., coconut, almond, etc.). Since we lose collagen production as we age, one of the benefits of this oil is promoting collagen and elasticity and UV protection. My face was not dry after using it, but rather soft, supple and hydrated. A little goes a long way - no need to slather a whole lot on. Just add some water to your hands first, then a few drops of the Batana oil. The next step was to use this concentrated formula as a hair mask before I shampooed my hair. Known to help counteract dry and frizzy hair, prevent hair loss and reverse the effects of graying hair, I also wanted to do a spa treatment. I decided to do a 30-minute hair steam prior to washing it out. As the cuticle opened, the Batana oil was able to deeply penetrate the hair roots, leaving me with a moisturized scalp and softer hair after washing the product out. So far, I'm loving the results. I will come back and give a fuller review within the next few months to give a more robust review. Otherwise, at this point, I would give it 4 out of 4 until I can at least do a 90-day review. With that in mind, I would still recommend this product to jumpstart your skin and hair regimen. Amazon Vine Customer Review of Free Product